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Learning Support Centre


‘Follow your dreams, believe in yourself and never give up.’  – R Corrie

‘Never let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.’ – John Wooden

The Learning Support Centre in KHS is a safe space where students feel valued and supported enough to develop in every aspect of their learning.


Mrs. B. Butler

Mrs. T. Long


  • Provide all our students with a positive learning experience and the opportunity to achieve success.
  • Create opportunities for all students to develop independent life skills.
  • Enable all our students to positively integrate in mainstream classes.
  • Motivate pupils to reach their full potential in all aspects of the curriculum.
  •  Make learning a fun experience and improve our students’ confidence and self-esteem.


At Key Stage Three level our students have the opportunity to access the same curriculum as their peers at a level tailored to their ability. Our students attend the LSC for English, Maths, French, Literacy and Numeracy. All other curriculum subjects are delivered by subject specialists in small mainstream classes.


We offer our students every opportunity to access appropriate life skills to prepare them for an easy transition into adulthood. OT and Circle Time lessons are firmly embedded within the LSC curriculum enabling our young people to grow in strength and confidence.